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Linking Error How to set which BLE Stack to utilize

Hi all,

I’ve taken over a codebase which uses mbed 5.11.5. The code does not compile and fails at the linking stage. a slew of “undefined references to …”. All of which relate to functions specified in the mbed-os/features/FEATURE_BLE/targest/ Ideally it should be compiling to the exactLE/ stack insides a TARGET_Maxim/ folder. I’m new to mbed so i’m having trouble figuring out where the target stack should be specified.

First thought is, this should be specified in the mbed_app.json file. However that file is quite spares:
“target_overrides”: {
“MAX32630FTHR”: {
“target.features_add”: [“BLE”],
“target.bootloader_img”: “bootloader/bootloader.bin”,
“target.app_offset”: “0x30000”

Where else could this exactLE/ stack be specified so I don’t get these linking errors?