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Components and Libraries

Hello Mbed team and community,

are there any plans with Components | Mbed? There is a great number 553 results but how much of them are really usable…
I think there are only few contributors (usually Mbed partners) who regularly or occasionally maintain their components, the rest are usually unmanaged because owners are not a part of Mbed community anymore.
The original concept of components seems to be good but for some reason it seems to be dead or there seem to not be a solution for unmanaged repositories and also an Archive is missing for that obsolate content.
Currently most of content is stored on profiles of owners but that is not so cool. That lead to questions on forum “I want to interface something, where I can find it?” or searching in Forks of Fork of Fork and maybe it will working.

People who come to Mbed webside, potential community member, ussually want see a basic components like are Displays, motors, sensors, etc. But official web page contain many obsolete components (examples/libraries) and that can make confusion - simple example.
More community members = more potential contributors. So I think it need to be attractive for newcomers.

Maybe it would be cool to sort it and split it to components from Mbed Partners and components from comunity and put it directly into community hands.
If there is no plans with current state, then maybe It would be good to create a Mbed Community Components & Libraries organization on github by Arm Mbed and invite volunteers as Community Admins what will manage it, if someone will be interested. There can all publish their libraries with some rules of course.

It is only my Idea, what do you think about it?

BR, Jan