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Future of this forum

(Bruno Perraudin) #1

mbed OS 5 documentation constantly points to https://developer.mbed.org/forum.
Is there a plan for this forum?

(Jan Jongboom) #2

We’ll be unifying the developer.mbed.org forum and this forum. The web team is working on a way to migrate posts, then we’ll point both forums.mbed.com and developer.mbed.org/forum to the same location.

(Bruno Perraudin) #3

OK, thanks

(Jens Strümper) #4

Hi, do you consider to merge the “questions” section in as well? It seems to be the most frequently used resource but I don’t really see a difference in how people use it in comparison to the two other forums.
It would be neat to have one central place for all questions around mbed and the new discourse based mbed forum is a big step forward with regards to usability.

(Schnyder Franz) #5

Any update on unifying the forums? I’m somehow unsure which forum to use for latest mbed OS 5 questions.

(Jan Jongboom) #7

@JoeA @immunda

(Joe Alderson) #8

Hi, for now, please use the developer.mbed.org forum and Q&A for mbed OS 5. We have inherited a couple of different forum platforms due to the way we’ve grown, and are planning on consolidating them soon.

We like this Discourse forum, but also like the idea of a Stackoverflow style Q&A, and ideally if we move to Discourse, we’d want automatic syntax highlighting of code snippets and other features that are a bit more useful for developers.

(Miklos Balint) #9

I am working my way through the introductory phase of getting to know mbed and the What is mbed page takes me to this forum, which, judging from this conversation, is obsolete as mbed OS 3.0 was superseded by mbed OS 5.0 some time before Sept. '16 according to another thread on this forum.
I suggest updating the link on mbed.com as that is the place where people get started.

(Joe Alderson) #10

Hi, thanks for pointing that link out - I’ll sort that page out.

(Grit L) #11

Any ETA on re-unification of the forums?

It feels like the shakeup caused by the regression back to a monolithic architecture took all the steam out of nurturing community involvement.

I’m happy to see development continue at an excellent pace but tombstones like these


…are a sad reminder of the ARM’s original, community engaged, direction.