Configuration for ecdsa

Hi, I have a question for ecdsa.
To configure ecdsa in config.h, which definition should be enabled?
There are a lot of things to be considered.
Can you narrow down?

HI @matthewc

As you can see from the check_config.h file:
In order to use MBEDTLS_ECDSA_C, you will also need MBEDTLS_ECP_C, MBEDTLS_ASN1_PARSE_C and MBEDTLS_ASN1_WRITE_C. However, for MBEDTLS_ECP_C you will need MBEDTLS_BIGNUM_C and at least one of the curves(MBEDTLS_ECP_DP_XXXX_ENABLED) enabled.
Also, it wouldn’t make sens to have ECDSA without an MD algorithm enabled as well.
Also, you will probabyl need a DRBG functionality, and as such entropy source, if you wish to sign \ generate key pair.

There are probably more features needed which I have missed that you will find once you check your code.
Mbed TLS Support

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