Connector for JP1 and JP2 on Mbed xDot

Hi Sir/Madam,

I was not able to find the schematic of MBed xDot for ordering a female 10 pin connector for JP1 and JP2 on the dev board.

Could you please provide the schematic or the connector type(product ID) of the type of the connector on board? I needed a female connector for connecting rather than soldering wires on the board


what is Mbed xDot? Do you mean MultiTech xDot?

Google search - multitech xdot schematic
First link - xDot® Developer Guide ( page 71

Use a 10-position ribbon cable to connect xDot developer board header JP1 to the SWD programming
header on your custom board.1

1MultiTech recommends the Samtec FFSD-05-D-06.00-01-N ribbon cable

So, when you try Google search with paramater 10-position Female ribbon cable or FFSD-05-D-06.00-01-N, then you will found what you need.

BR, Jan