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Control a stepper motor with stm32 and l298n driver

Hello id like to control a steeper motor with stm32l152 re + l298n driver
Is there any tutorial in how to get start? programming libraries examples etc…
I am new to this with little experience in Arduino so any help would be much appreciated

Thanks a lot

The L298 is an old fashioned driver, I would use a pololu module for 3D printers. These have inputs for pulses and direction and a good current control.

Hello Giorgos,

As Johannes has pointed it out the L298N is on the market for quite long time by now. However, if you already own such chip you can search for a driver/example at After clicking on the magnifying glass and entering l298n you’ll get several hits. Please notice that those drivers/examples will work only when you build your program with the old mbed 2 system library, which is not supported anymore by mbed, but should still work unless you update the mbed library used in the project. If you prefer to use a currently supported mbed system then you can try to port the old projects to the Mbed OS bare metal profile - Mbed OS bare metal profile | Mbed OS 6 Documentation. I don’t thing this is an easy task for a newcomer but I’m afraid that those are the only alternatives you have.

For a quick start with Mbed have look at Introduction - Quick start | Mbed OS 6 Documentation

Thanks a lot for the answers. I wasn’t aware that L298N is old fashioned…
So i will try the pololu drivers first.
Thanks again