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Controlling hoverboard motors

How can I control hoverboard motors without knowing anything about the motors?
I’m a computer engineering student who is currently working on his thesis. I need to program two STMicroelectronics boards (F401RE and IHM08M1) in order to control two BLDC motors of which I don’t have info about. The hoverboard I’m trying to control is the following:
I’m currently trying to profile one motor using STM Motor Profiler, but after some trials it seems not to work. Using another software (Motor Control Workbench) the motor sometime moves, but doesn’t respond to commands. I’m using a 36V alimentation and I don’t know if I would need more or less (I just know that the battery of the hoverboard is 60V). Has anyone any kind suggestion?

Hi Luca, did you make any progress with the Ninebot motors? I’m also working on a project using parts from a Mini-S and Mini S-Plus (I have two spare motors available).