Creating a standalone library (MBedOS6) with PlatformIO or Keil Studio Online

For some time now I’m trying to create a standalone library in my standard development environment (VS Code & PlatformIO). The information given to build such library seems to me very sparse. I tried numerous different things with mbed_lib.json or whatsoever but always get a lot of errors which didn’t help much. So I moved to the Keil online IDE where I found a topic called “creating a standalone library” that says
“If you want to create a standalone library, add a copy of the library as follows:…” As I trying to build a new library from scratch it’s doesn’t help either.
Any hints welcome!

Hi Volker,

in Keil Studio Clout it is possible to create a standalone library and publish it to github. They way to do it is to create an empty folder at the root of your workspace and then add all the files you need by yourself. Once the library is ready you can add to to an existing program and use it.

What problems are you experiencing using this workflow?

Federico - Mbed Studio team

Hi Fedirico,

thanks for your reply, but unfortunalety it does’nt help me much. This far I have got studying the online documentation. But the question to me is: what files have I to add to the empty folder in order to build the library. It can’t be only source and header files but it have to be some project files with build instructions. I.e. how can I select a target for the “empty folder library project” when the IDE doesn’t allow me to select one? I guess that I’m far from understanding the workflow that is intended by mbed. My impression is that there’s a “little” gap between the numerous up-and-running examples for application development and the deeper understanding of the workflow somewhere behind the scenes. But as I already put it, may be I missed some fundamental things of the workflow.


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