Changing the mbed library on Keil studio cloud

Hi I have been trying to delete the Mbed library from Keil studio cloud that automatically is add when creating a project and importing my own mbed library made from a fork repository from the original mbed library, when I try to compile it I get a lot off error that say it was no able to find the mbed library, am I forgetting something?, it happens also me a have not made any changes to the mbed library. On the .lib file it does redirect to the new repository. Thanks


for Keil Studio is there new section, so please use it - Latest Keil Studio topics - Arm Mbed OS support forum
Or edit your post and change the section (it is working only for limited time) how is description in post below

I tried it and I did not faced descripted issue.
Tested with a fork of MbedOS 6.15 and another fork of MbedOS 5.15 with bera metal profile (for shorter compilation).

BR, Jan