Creating Custom profile build

Hi, I am trying to create custom build profile and added a json file according to it. it is getting an error “argument --profile: toolchain ARMC6 is not supported by profile”.

How can I solve this error.

Hi @Jashwanth_R_S,

This functionality should work in Mbed Studio. Mbed Studio uses ARMC6 toolchain by default. Can you please double check that your custom build profile has an ARMC6 entry similar to mbed-os/tools/profiles/debug.json at master · ARMmbed/mbed-os · GitHub ?

Arek - Studio team

Hi @Arm Mbed OS support forum

Thank you for the reply. We are facing problems on:

  1. We are using # if define (2 functionalities MASTER and SLAVE) we want two different build profile for master and slave.

  2. We copied debug json file and added MASTER in ARMC6 ->ld. Is it a right way to create custom build profile(if it is wrong please guide us to create this).

  3. And how can we rename the custom build profile name.

Thank you.

Jashwanth R S

Hi @Arm Mbed OS support forum,

Is there any update on the below request.

Thank you.

Jashwanth R S