Problems with custom targets

I’m trying to use my custom targets
with MbedStudio 1.2.1. The program is a simple blinky, and I can select the first target in the custom_targets.json and it compiles.
But when I try to compile for BLUEPILL_F103RB, I get the message ‘Could not compile for BLUEPILL_F103CB: Target BLUEPILL_F103CB is not supported by toolchain ARMC6’
I’ve tried to set supported_version to different values, but none is working. The mbed_app.json is set to use bare-metal profile, and with gcc_arm in VSCode it is compiling fine.

Another thing is that the target selection is fooling me. I always changes to ‘NUCLEO_F103RB’, although .mbed contains the ‘TARGET=BLUEPILL_F103CB’ entry. But MbedStudio adds always ‘TARGET_CODE=0700’. I had this setting before in the custom_targets.json, but removed it now. And MBedStudio is still remembering this. Before, I had not target_code defined and MbedStudio added a custom-xxx number, but I cannot get this reproduced.

arghh, stepped in a trap that I discovered already and I have even documented it on my github page:
the custom_targets.json must be moved to the project root! So I have edited the wrong copy and this had no effect.

Please, make MbedStudio compatible with mbed-cli where all source directories are scanned for custom_targets.json. This simplifies the handling: just clone the repo and thats all. This is also better to apply correct git handling.