Debug build profile fails

Hello there,

I was using my program and I was compiling successfully with the Debug build profile (the program is running in a custom made stm32l0xx board and a custom target). Now if I compile the same program in Develop or Release mode is working while in Debug it returns an eeprom problem (without changing anything).

I couldn’t find a reason for that, I wanted to use debug profile so I could use “mbed_debug.h” and debug(""); library instead of printf and save some memory space in the release version.

Is there any known bug?

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Hi Rafaella,

It sounds like the code size exceeding the limitation. To check the map file and try to reduce some functions.


So, we fixed this issue. It was actually a hardware issue. The errors reading/writing to the EEPROM were caused by a dry joint on an I2C pullup resistor.

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