Debugging issues whe using Mbed Studio on Linux

Let me first thank you for supporting Linux!

Below are a few issues I came across while trying to use Mbed Studio IDE on Ubuntu 18.04.

I have tried to build and debug a mbed-os-example-blinky-baremetal program.

After selecting NUCLEO-F446RE as my target I tried to debug.
But when stepping over


the following error message was reported:

TransferFaultError: SWD/JTAG Transfer Fault @ 0xe000edf0-0xe000edf7
"0028950:ERROR:gdbserver:Unhandled exception in handle_message: SWD/JTAG Transfer Fault @ 0xe000edf0-0xe000edf7"
Remote failure reply: E01

Unfortunately, to get read of the following message and continue in debugging I had to reboot the linux machine:

error: [Errno 98] Address already in use
"GDB server stopped unexpectedly with exit code 1"

If someone knows about a more friendly and faster way please let me know.

Strangely, after rebooting and replacing


with a deprecated


I was able to continue in debugging.

When I selected mbed LPC1768 as my target and tried to debug I have received the following error message:

TransferError: No ACK received
"0005428:ERROR:gdbserver:Unhandled exception in handle_message: No ACK received"
Remote failure reply: E01

Any idea how to get rid of it?

Thank you in advance.

NOTE: Everybody is welcome to use this thread for reporting his/her experience/feedback on using Mbed Studio on Linux.

Hi Zoltan,

I have the Nucleo-F446RE but I work on Windows. However I get same error like you, so that issue probably has nothing to do with the Linux.

But it is probably about the board because is still not supported. Here is the list of supported/confirmed boards for debugging in the Mbedstudio.

BR, Jan

Ahoj Jan,

Thank you for the useful info!

  • That explains the mbed LPC1768. Anyway, I’m a bit surprised that debugging on the former mbed flagship (first mbed board) is not supported by pyOCD :frowning:
  • The good news is that the NUCLEO-F446RE (with the wait_ms(WAIT_TIME) workaround) works despite of not being listed yet :slight_smile:

I know! What a shame - I’ve done previous work on that board and now it’ll have to go on a shelf and I’ll need to buy something else.

I know you can’t live in the past, but removing support for so many earlier boards undermines the whole concept of what ‘mbed board’ means. Now boards aren’t ‘mbed’, they are only ‘mbed-for-the-time-being’.