Disabling ADR in SAMR34 with MBedOS when OTAA method is used

When using MBedOS in SAMR34 Xplained Pro with the following LoRa configuration I am facing the issue with disabling ADR in OTAA method and setting the desired Data Rate for LoRa Transmissions

Configuration used::

  • Transmission Type : OTAA
  • ADR : Disabled
  • Data Rate : Set to DR_0
  • Delay B/W Transmissions : 0
  • Frequency Band : IN865
  • Payload Size : 10Bytes
  • N/W server : Chirp Stack (ADR is disabled in N/W server-side)

Observations we got::

  • Uplinks packets are received with DR_5 even we set DR_0
  • When used ABP method ADR is disabled and uplinks are received at DR_0 as expected

How can we address this issue of disabling ADR in the OTAA method