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Documentation not ready

Hi all,
I stopped using the on line compiler for about 2 years.
My workspace contains a dozen applications for the LPC1768 platform.
By restarting, the compiler didn’t give me any problems but by selecting the symbol settings in any project I can just get the message “documentation not ready”. The “Update Docs” in the Compile menu fails.
In the old forum the issue was raised but it seems that no solution was provided.
Whats happened?

Best regards

Dear Vincenzo,
I’ve raised your question with our Documentation team and expect to have an answer with a slight delay due to Holiday season.

Thank you for your patience,
Best regards, Nadya

any news?

I’m having the same issue with the documentation not appearing and I’m new to this whole mbed system, so I’m extremely confused. The documentation would be very helpful to have indeed.


if you do not have a board where is essential to use Mbed OS2, do not do this and used Mbed OS5 instead, or Mbed OS5 with bare metal, which is Mbed OS5 without RTOS features and its additional features.

In the short, the MbedOS2 is probably not supported anymore and something about future, you can found here.

How and what is implemented you can check directly in code of Mbed OS2.

BR, Jan