Mbed blinky, Documentation not ready

Hello, I have tried building a couple of blinky projects but the documentation isn’t working for either one. The compile platforms are NXP LPC800-max and Seeed Arch Max.

I came across a mention of non standard boards being dropped. I don’t know if that’s the reason, or there’s something wrong with the browser (Firefox v86), or something is temporarily out on the Mbed compiler system. Or I am missing a step.



that documentation not working around 2 years or more. Supposedly It was server issue what was not repaired and then was Mbed 2 declared as obsolete and its support was stopped. So currently it is normal behavior.

Also for new versions of MbedOS is this way of documentation not supported any more. Documetation for last MbedOS is here - Introduction - Introduction to Mbed OS 6 | Mbed OS 6 Documentation

BR, Jan

Thanks Jan.


The Seeed Arch Max support latest Mbed OS 6.8, so it should work with most of example code include blinky.
If you have a problem on flashing binary to the target board, I would suggest to update latest firmware here: