Does USBHID interfere with USB UART / debugging traffic

I am porting an application from the Mikro environement. I use raw HID, and I am wondering if an HID connection will conflict with ST-Link serial communication for printf and debugging.

Any thoughts on issues I am likely to see?


I’m not sure I understand and you also forgot to share an info about your target.
ST-link uses an UART for VCP and USBHID is realized over USB controller.

BR, Jan

I have an application where I am looking to use both UART and HID for different communication steams.
So the question is about the OS, not the target. Will they conflict?

The target is a NUCLEO-L432KC.

As a side note, it is generally difficult to work with these free libraries in a tight real time environment, since there are many questions like this. E.g, the priority in which they run, blocking, internal buffering and timing requirements.