Embedded Planet Agora platform coming soon

Adding a post here as a heads up that there is a new platform coming from Embedded Planet that we are excited to support with Mbed OS. It’s called Agora and it has lots of great sensors, connects to NB-IOT / LTE CAT-M1 networks, LoRA, & BLE. It is supported by Pelion Device Management for Firmware updates Over The Air (FOTA) service. Keep an eye out for this new platform coming to os.mbed.com/platforms soon.



Here is a sneak peak


I just acquired a sample of the Agora platform. I couldn’t find many examples illustrating how to use the NB-IOT/CAT-M1 network. I tried to port the https://os.mbed.com/teams/mbed-os-examples/code/mbed-os-example-cellular sample application, by adapting the supported modem drivers in the mbed_app.json
with “EP_AGORA”: {
“TELIT_ME910.provide-default”: true,
“TELIT_ME910.tx”: “A1”,
“TELIT_ME910.rx”: “A3”
I am not sure to understand whether the pinning is set correctly. I can provide more info on the encountered error if it helps.
Can someone help and maybe provide more examples. The board is really interesting for prototyping because it includes many different communication technologies, but we need to make it work…
Tx in advance for your reply.