Running NB-IoT on the Agora development board

We are testing the Agora development that integrates a Telit ME-910 NB-IoT/LTE-M modem. We have been successful in running BLE or LoRA test applications on this board, but we couldn’t test successfully the Telit modem. We have tried both the ble-os-example-cellular and the ble-os-example-pelion sample applications. It compiles and runs, but cannot establish a connection. It seems to fail in early stages of the connection procedures.
Was anyone successful in establishing a cellular connection with this board ?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @SergeAyer ,

try to enable tracing and see if it displays any helpful message e.g. in your ‘mbed_app.json’ file enable “mbed-trace.enable”: true and “cellular.debug-at”: true.

Check here if you run out of space when enabling it so you can specify different subsystem log granularity.