EmbedTLS integration with coreHTTP on STM32F407

I am new using Embed TLS recently ,using FreeRTOS plus libraries I built a HTTP client. To make HTTPS request I need to integrate EmbedTLS in my project I downloaded it from GitHub repo
But I am getting build issues related to “embedtls_config.h” . (perquisites for configuration)
Is there any example embedtls_config.h file that is suitable for STM32F407 , or guide to port EmbedTLS in my project?


it is MbedTLS not EmbedTLS and it is not part of Mbed project anymore. How you can see the Mbed TLS category of Mbed support forum is not very active, also please look at this announcement about MbedTLS move to Mbed TLS (trustedfirmware.org).

BR, Jan