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Error: Target "GR_MANGO" is not recognized

We cannot compile the project for GR-MANGO in online compiler.
Error: Target “GR_MANGO” is not recognized will be issued.

  • Mbed Studio can build the same project.
  • By removing mbed-os library, and importing mbed-os library from the forked github repository, the project can be compiled successfully.


there is a problem with the build system of online tools for MbedOS 6.3 probably, please see this topic. And your board is supported only in the MbedOS 6.3.

Unfortunately for some reason the support does not respond and has been inactive for the last two weeks…

BR, Jan

Thank you for your response.
Do you mean this will be fixed by the next mbed-os release (6.4.0 or 6.3.1)?

I have no idea but I hope for some support A.S.A.P.
But I see you are Mbed Partner so maybe your chances are better. Try to contact someone from Mbed team directly for some support.

BR, Jan