First Time user Compile error: Target not recognized

Hello there,
I am a first time user of the online compiler and it appears there is only one error yet it is not specific. I was thinking of exporting the program and compiling yet it does not seem to work due to the issue stating; “Error: Target “RBLAB_BLENANO” is not recognized”. The issue is not specific nor does it have a location therefore I am struggling to compile my program. Here is a photo of the issue below, can you help me?


you do not have any mbed library in your active project PulseBand

Just copy mbed library from PulseBand1 to PulseBand project

BR, Jan

Hello @Lola_KUCHER,

As you might already be aware, the Mbed Online Compiler is going to be switched off at the end of December 2022. There was an announcement made last year and an email was also sent to all our users a couple of weeks ago.

People are now invited to use Keil Studio Cloud. You can click the Keil Studio Cloud button available in the Online Compiler to import your projects to Keil Studio Cloud.

Check it out and let us know if you are experiencing issues or have questions.

Thank you.

The Keil Studio team.

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Thank You @JohnnyK and @Elise_Kaminski for all your help. @JohnnyK You’re suggesting helped solve my problem and @Elise_Kaminski I will ensure to use Keil Studio Cloud for my next coding project. Thanks again for your time.

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