Error: TIM2 cannot be used because already used by the us_ticker

Hi there,

I have a custom board. It is based on NUCLEO STM32F901 schematics, except… that i use a PWM on PB_10.
Unfortunatly, PB_10 cannot be used by PWM because it uses Timer 2, and that timer is the us_ticker of Mbed OS.

How can i change the us_ticker to another one ?

Thank you !

It is defined here:

But there is no configuration setting for the timer, so the clean solution is to create a custom target.

Thank you ! I’m effectively working on a brand new target, inherited from NUCLEO-F901.

Sounds like a really new target, sure it is a F901?

Oups my bad, STM32F091 ;D

Damned, thought I catcht a secret prototype :slight_smile:
Good success!

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