Executze a LoRaWAN time sync

is there a simple way to execute a LoRaWAN timesync request or a way to send arbitrary mac commands to the network server?

I can’t find anything in the docs and LoRaMac seems to be hidden inside the LoRaWANInterface.

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I can’t find any references to the device time MAC command in MBED source, I don’t think it has been implemented yet.

apparently time request mac command is used for class B.
mbed-lorawan doesnt do class B; you could try other project GitHub - Lora-net/LoRaMac-node: Reference implementation and documentation of a LoRa network node. for class B.

Due to the LoRaWAN 1.0.3 Spec (5.9 DeviceTime commands (DeviceTimeReq, DeviceTimeAns)) it’s not only for class B. I actually implemented it in our own stack.

The only statement about class B is: “This is specifically useful to speed-up the acquisition of the class B beacon.” - but that’s not a limitation.

In contrast the spec explicitly states “The DeviceTimeAns command MUST be sent as a class A downlink (i.e. over the RX1/RX2 897 receive windows of the Class A mode)”

If it’s not implemented I would also like to find a way to send / implement arbitrary mac commands my self. But I did not find any API - or did I missed something?

You could implement it by copying LoRaWANInterface::add_link_check_request() since it kind-of works the same way.