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Failed to start a program

Hello, I have follow the guide of getting start with Mbed Studio, but when it comes to the step of creating a blinky programm the library importing process has Always been failed.

I hope someone knows what i can do to get this fixed.


I do not know how to solve it but I tried to googling this. In some topic it was recommended to re-install git (whole Mbed Studio in this case probably and with reset before new instalation).

BR, Jan

Are you within an organisation (eg company, school, university)?

I have seen similar errors because our corporate firewall does not allow access to Git(!).

Git has some own proxy settings, maybe these are necessary.

Hi @giovanniderosa,

You can find more about proxy here: System requirements - Installing | Mbed Studio Documentation . This section probably needs expanding in docs.

Arek - Studio team