Find VFS w/ mbed and Arduino serial on every computer

Can anyone shed more light on this mbed information I found on my computer?

[Tech question]

I found a VFS on my computer and had a couple of documents including Details.txt, MBED.html. It has a link to Nordic nRF52840-DK | Mbed. I found a virtual USB with a serial number before. I never consented to this being on my computer after computer that I have had. I was hacked before and found hundreds of pages of CORBA Confidential and Proprietary code. It was being routed through bluetooth 2.4 from my router and to computer when I opened JAVA VM. This guy started running away in front of my house when I ran bluetooth explorer dev tools from Apple and my router started making noises. I also dove into the computer and it was sending requests involving Openstack. An arduino was connected to my computer when running tools to find bluetooth devices connected to computer, I believe serial connection.

Can anyone try to shed some light on what this is capable of doing? Thanks.

DAPLink Firmware - see Free open source IoT OS and development tools from Arm | Mbed

Unique ID: 110200000666ff515152857267101736a5a5a5a597969904

HIC ID: 97969904

Auto Reset: 0

Automation allowed: 0

Daplink Mode: Interface

Interface Version: 0241

Bootloader Version: 0241

Git SHA: fcf958748f707e604b8e5bf1dccf639314d3983f

Local Mods: 1

USB Interfaces: MSD, CDC, HID

Bootloader CRC: 0x3043f5a1

Interface CRC: 0xf012de88