Programming a custom board using nrf52840dk with the daplink firmware


What is the best way to use the DK to program a custom board? I know you can do it with the J-LINK firmware, but Mbed studio currently does not properly support J-Link. Is there a way to wire up a custom board using the daplink firmware?

Not sure if I’m answering your question, but I know this DAPlink debugger works with nRF52840 and Mbed Studio.

I actually do have one of those, I’ll give it a try

So I can use that to program, but I cannot use it to debug. Is there any way to use the daplink firmware on the nrf52840dk to debug and external board?

I keep getting a timeout. I am sure there is a simple way around this.

Just quickly captured what I get on Mbed Studio using the Blinky-example… had to put on YouTube (unlisted) as cannot upload here:

I discovered that my Linux OS computer was not configured correctly (udev rule not set)

Was helped by this document:


Did you find any solutions ? i am also looking for the same.
As a workaround, i am using nrfjprog to upload the mbed-studio compiled hex file.