Fork/push modified libraries to my account

Is it possible to download a library and make a fork with our modifications and push it to our account from the Mbed Studio?

Hi @peekpt,

Unfortunately, this flow isn’t well supported in Mbed Studio at the moment. Better support is on our backlog for a future release.

However, if you’re happy with Mercurial on the command line, you may make progress with using Mbed Studio for its editor and build functionality and the command line to manage version control for your library. For example, by cloning the library into a program in your Mbed Studio workspace from the command line.

Matthew Gordon
Mbed Studio team

Hi @mgordon01,

Thank you for the info. What I’m being doing is hosting the libs online on the online editor by creating a fork there, but it’s not very user friendly because I need to copy by hand the mods.

I have a suggestion to make to the team, in case the user modified the original lib, if the user could have a popup suggestion when saving / modifying the lib to make it not trackable and remove it from the lib manager. Because I already have this issue forgetting that I modified some libs and then an update kicks in and overwrites all my job.