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Managing libraries in Mbed Studio

I have been a long time user of on-line compiler , but recently, have moved to using Mbed Studio. I am generally quite satisfied with the environment.

One area that I am unsure of is the mantenance of libraries. For my current project I created a library through the on-line system. However, I am having to go back to the on-line system to make changes.

Is there a way to do this in Mbed Studio.



Hi Jim,

That is a very good question. At the moment Studio supports many Mbed libraries operation (more information here: but unfortunately it doesn’t yet allow to use UI to push your changes for a library into source control management. It is a feature that we want to add soon.
In the meantime I recommend using git or mercurial directly from the built-in terminal. Mbed Studio is shipped and exposes both of those tools. You can find more information about using tools in built-in terminal here:

Arek - Studio team