Managing libraries in Mbed Studio

I have been a long time user of on-line compiler , but recently, have moved to using Mbed Studio. I am generally quite satisfied with the environment.

One area that I am unsure of is the mantenance of libraries. For my current project I created a library through the on-line system. However, I am having to go back to the on-line system to make changes.

Is there a way to do this in Mbed Studio.



Hi Jim,

That is a very good question. At the moment Studio supports many Mbed libraries operation (more information here: but unfortunately it doesn’t yet allow to use UI to push your changes for a library into source control management. It is a feature that we want to add soon.
In the meantime I recommend using git or mercurial directly from the built-in terminal. Mbed Studio is shipped and exposes both of those tools. You can find more information about using tools in built-in terminal here:

Arek - Studio team


Many thanks for the reply. It’s good to hear that Mbed studio will continue to be developed.


I noticed that mbed studio has had a few more updates. Have any of these new updates included the ability to source control libraries or does this still need to be managed in terminal?

Hi @caseyquinn,

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any change yet about advanced SCM for libraries. Mbed Studio still allows changing libraries’ versions and modify its files. It doesn’t however allow to commit and push changes for libraries directly from UI. We are planning to add it but we do not know yet exactly when it’s going to be available. Until then we still recommend using git and mercurial tools from the built-in terminal.

Arek - Mbed Studio team

Hi Arek,

Thanks for the update. I was trying to use the mercurial tools today, but when I did I ran into a few issues withy my collaborators. I had created subrepos for the libraries such that I could detect when other changes had occurred and then commit all at once similar to how the online system works. After doing so, the online compiler users were seeing a mismatch in the library links as the online system seems to use the short hash but the terminal hg was committing the long hash. Perhaps this is expected and due to my lack of experience with command line hg but is there a best practices document somewhere that can provide how best to use the terminal hg commands with the mercurial repos that the online compiler uses? Thanks!