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Forums.mbed - how to change email address

I have one email for the and the cloud compiler, and another for this forum. In the forum profile, I can see the email that I’d like to change, but I cannot see how to change it.

I’d like to stay on the same profile, as the past discussions/topics/threads remain relevant to me.


from my understanding the forum profile is connected to the account from the
I think you can try to switch to second account from and use it also for the forum.

BR, Jan

@WiredHome - JohnnyK is correct. Your forum profile is linked to an account so I think you must have two separate Mbed accounts and are using one to log in to the forum and another to log in to use the compiler. You can change the email address for either of your Mbed accounts here:

Unfortunately you can’t have two accounts with the same email address so you won’t be able to merge the two together.