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Mbed studio login

Hi there,

I have downloaded mbed studio 1.4.1 (on windows) and tried multiple times to sign in with my email and password but it throws an error saying wrong email or password.
I have already changed my password and have logged into the forum and mbed website with it so it’s not the password or username.

Anyone with the same issue? Should I download an older version of mbed?

Best Regards,

Hi Raf,

Have you linked your Mbed account to your Arm Account? You can see that from the Connected Accounts page: Log in | Mbed.


Hi there,

Yes, it’s connected and I can see it from the mbed account page.

Kind regards,

Hi Rafaella,

Mbed Studio does not currently support logging in with Arm Account. This will be added in a future version.

To access Studio, either:

  • Log in with the username and password you used prior to connecting the Arm Account
  • If you can’t remember the password, disconnect your Arm Account and reset your password