Freertos + lws client + mbedtls issue for ATMEL SAM4E

Hi all.

I have arrived to run PPPoS (SYS_NO = 0 <=> OS FreeRTOS) via my LTE modem SARA-R412M using ATMEL SAM4E16E board.

LwIP “TCP/IP Stack” has been integrated based on PPPoS protocol as Link layer for our modem.

I have added mbedtls, lwip-2.2.0, freertos-10.3.0 used in my project to (ASF) /opt/xdk-asf-3.48.0/ in order to use by lws.

Then it works fine.
I have arrived to generate libwebsockets.a for atmel sam4e.

[100%] Linking C static library libwebsockets.a
[100%] Built target websockets
said@said build %

I have just generated Atmel sam4e’s libwebsockets.a from libwebsockets project.
I have arrived to test my libwebsockets.a lib. I have some issues testing it as ws-client.
You can see this link for more about adding (mbedtls to lws and add lws to asf ):

I have tried to use ws-client when i compile it i got an mbedTLS error:
./lws/include/libwebsockets.h:262:29: fatal error: mbedtls/lws_config.h: No such file or directory
262 | #define MBEDTLS_CONFIG_FILE <mbedtls/lws_config.h>

I need help to compile just a simple ws-client for atmel (sam4e), do you have an idea about the reason for this error ?

All the best