Looking for lwip/sockets.h problem for Socket.h libaray in a TCPSocketConnection.h

I was working on a personal project that trying to get a micro: bit to establish a connection to ThingSpeak server for the first time using C code. I tried importing code that involves using HTTPClient.h library for a ThingSpeak.h library, which ended up needing a TCPSocketConnection.h and that needing a Socket.h. Than in Socket.h needing, two libraries called #include “lwip/sockets.h” and #include “lwip/netdb.h”.

It’s these two # include “lwip/sockets.h” and #include “lwip/netdb.h” that I haven’t really found much about them and I am not too sure which library they meant. I searched it up on mbed but haven’t gotten any great results.

I was wondering if anyone knows what these libraries are talking about or I’m just going down a rabbit hole and doing something wrong?

I try using the compiler fix it function but nothing is even remotely showing up so I don’t even have a clue.

That header is part of Mbed, you shouldn’t need to include it yourself. However, from what I could find, it doesn’t look like the micro: bit supports wifi or ethernet networking at all. This would explain why the code isn’t working – you need to use it with an Mbed board that has networking support in order for that code to compile.