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Getting a ERROR , while trying to debug in MBED STUDIO

Hello Folks,

I am working on,

Ubuntu 18.04
Mbed Studio version 1.4.0
Mbed-os version 5.9.6

And trying to debug the project which was earlier developed on, with dependencies "python 2.7"
but currently, I am not able to build or debug through Mbed Studio because.
I guess MBED STUDIO has python3.7 as default.

But by creating a python virtual environment with python2.7 and by using MBED-CLI, I was able to build the project.

but how can I debug the same project in MBED-STUDIO, because while trying to debug MBED STUDIO uses python 3.7 as default?

Sharing an error screenshot below.

thanks and regards


Mbed Studio only supports Mbed OS 5.12 and newer. So if you want to compile or debug your project with Mbed Studio, you will most probably need to update to Mbed OS 5.12 at least. That could need some effort depending on the complexity of the project but should be still easier than upgrading to OS 6.9

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Thanks, Peter,

But even after updating the Mbed-os to version 5.12.0 as you suggested, didn’t help me.
I am getting the same error.