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Mbed Studio board debugging not recognized

(Dan Fay) #1


When I connect my STM32 NUCLEO-F746ZG to the Windows version of mbed Studio, I get the following error:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


-Dan Fay

(Joe Alderson) #2

Hi Dan,

Debugging isn’t yet supported for that target in pyOCD, so Mbed Studio can’t launch a debug session. We’ll be expanding the number of targets that can be debugged from Mbed Studio soon though!


(Dan Fay) #3

Hi Joe,

Do you have any idea when pyOCD will support the STM32F7? If it’s not within the next few weeks, I might buy a different board to support my early development efforts (I’m thinking perhaps the NUCLEO-F401FE). Is there a list of targets that the pyOCD version used by Mbed Studio supports?


-Dan Fay

(Ralph Fulchiero) #4

Hi Dan,

I can’t comment on schedule, but a list of supported targets is available here:

Ralph, Team Mbed