Greentea quickstart and CppUTest


Just started to use mbed 3.0. I now would like to use unit tests for my module. I read the Greentea quickstart and was able to run a simple test case. I would now like to use CppUTest to write my unit test as it is mentioned in the quickstart but unfortunately the I can not get the mbed-cpputest-private module:

info: get versions for mbed-cpputest-private
error: mbed-cpputest-private does not exist in the modules registry. Check that the name is correct, and that it has been published.

Also the GitHub links do not work.

  • Is this still a private/hidden module?


thanks for the report. Those references to cpputest were valid for older pre-release where we used cpputest. That module is not yet release , plus there will be new unit testing module available.

As result, I created an issue for greentea:

Our new test harness, called utest, is available now, and it integrates well with greentea.

You may provide your own test macros if you wish, however, it is recommended to use it with the test macros from the unity project.

I will update the link accordingly.