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I’d like to use the CRC calculation HW on this board - but I’m using the mbed-cli. When I compile the source from mbed-os/hal/tests/TESTS/mbed_hal/crc/main.cpp, I get a message like:

25 | #error [NOT_SUPPORTED] CRC not supported for this target

but I am reasonably sure this version does have the CRC HW. In the mbed-os directory, I see files like:

but I note that that path contains “STM32Cube”, and I would prefer not to run the IDE version.

Any one know how I can proceed?

Andy S.


Yes, this board has the hardware CRC but it seems it is not enabled/implemented for the STM32F4xx series under Mbed.
In the targets.json file I found the CRC only for these series F0, F3, F7, H7, L0, L4, L5 and WB.

BR, Jan

The CRC hardware is different for older and newer MCU series, and for F4 the implementation has to be changed:

in the comment you can see also the different features: