Mbed OS on NUCLEO-F103RB board

Having successfully tried mbed OS on STM32F4DISCOVERY board (folowing this topic: Try mbed OS on STM32F4DISCOVERY board) I wanted to do similar on NUCLEO-F103RB. I created new target for STM32F103RB and missing mbed-hal and cmsis-core modules. However, when I try to build I get errors in mbed_platform.cpp that lp_functions (from mbed-hal\mbed-hal\lp_ticker_api.h) were not declared. This has nothing to do with my modules but with common modules non depended on specific target, does it? Does anybody have an idea what could be the problem?
If I am not wrong, once was mentioned that some porting guides for mbed OS modules are going to be avalible, anything so far?