How can I use FileSystem in NUCLEO-F429ZI

Hi, I know that the NUCLEO-F429ZI board donot support FileSystem, if I want to using FileSystem, FATFileSystem e.g, How do I need to port the software and wire the SD ?


usually is problem with LittleFileSystem, rest (FileSystem and FATFileSystem) should work I think.
You need always start with a BlockDevice API (in case of SD card SDBlockDevice) and then chose one variant filesystem from above. If you want the data have to be readable also on PC then you need FATFileSystem anyway.

BR, Jan


There are some (Micro)SD card modules on the market, you may mount a (Micro)SD into the module and connect the module to NUCLEO-F429ZI via the SPI interface. In addition, there are some LCD modules that come with a SD card slot, you may use them if you need display functionality.

To enable SD card functionality in your NUCLE-F429ZI application, you need to add some features and components in your mbed_app.json file:

{ "artifact_name": "demo", "requires": ["bare-metal", "events", "storage", "sd", "filesystem", "fat_chan"], "target_overrides": { "*": { "target.c_lib": "std", "target.printf_lib": "std", "target.components_add": [ "SD" ], "target.features_add": [ "STORAGE" ] } } }

Then you can use SDBlockDevice and FATFileSystem classes in your code.

If your SD card module has SDIO pins and you want to use the SD card via the faster SDIO peripheral interface, get the driver from: GitHub - wdx04/COMPONENT_SDIO: SDIO block device driver

To use the driver with STM32F4 targets, you only need to copy SDIOBlockDevice.cpp, SDIOBlockDevice.h and sdio_device.cpp, sdio_device.h from the TARGET_STM32F4 folder.


This is right just in case of baremetal profile.

BR, Jan