How do I find out what mbed OS I'm using?

On a Windows laptop, I am creating Arm C++ programmes for Nucleo429Zi using Mbed Studio Desktop 1.4.4.
Link: Mbed Studio | Mbed

How can I tell the version of mbed OS I am using—2 or 5 or 6—?

I’m asking because I need to know how to build an API library for my C++ microcontroller programme.

How can I then use my C++ API by calling it from a Python application running on my Windows laptop, create a Python GUI programme, and transmit and receive data and commands between the Python GUI and my microcontroller APIs?

Any URI links describing how to carry out these tasks, please?


Aboud MbedOs version:

About communication between both sides:
You need establish a communication bus, most easy way Serial commnunication via Vrtual COM port.

BR, Jan