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How to change waiting after reset in mbed tests

My test program does initialization which takes longer than 1 second and after start the test fails with no sync error. How can I increase that value to wait longer for a given tests

[1626954912.70][SERI][INF] waiting 1.00 sec after reset
[1626954913.72][SERI][INF] wait for it…
[1626954913.72][SERI][TXD] mbedmbedmbedmbedmbedmbedmbedmbedmbedmbed

[1626954941.74][HTST][ERR] None
[1626954941.74][HTST][WRN] stopped to consume events due to __notify_sync_failed event
[1626954941.76][HTST][INF] __exit_event_queue received
[1626954941.76][HTST][INF] test suite run finished after 29.35 sec…
[1626954941.77][HTST][INF] CONN exited with code: 0
[1626954941.77][HTST][INF] No events in queue
[1626954941.77][HTST][INF] host test result() call skipped, received: sync_failed
[1626954941.77][HTST][WRN] missing __exit event from DUT
[1626954941.77][HTST][INF] calling blocking teardown()
[1626954941.77][HTST][INF] teardown() finished
[1626954941.77][HTST][INF] {{result;sync_failed}}