How to close other programs? / Search only in active program?


Is it possible to close other programs without deleting them?
I Just want to close them becuase Mbed Studio shows me compiler errors from programs that are not even active. This is confusing.

Also when searching in files, all programs will be searched, not only the active one. But that is annoying because I just want to see the relevant files for the active programm. Is there a way to filter these out?

Hi @seffm,

Apologies for a late reply:

  • I recommend using different workspaces. You can limit the number of programs by moving them to a different workspaces. You can find more about it here: Creating or importing a program - Creating or importing a program | Mbed Studio Documentation
  • C/C++ intellisense in Mbed Studio works currently only for an active program. It was one of the limitation. That’s why you see issues when navigating to programs that are not currently active. Mbed Studio team improved this behaviour recently. A fix for it is planned in Mbed Studio 1.5
  • Yes. You can filter the search result by using a filter in search panel. I recommend right clicking the program in a file tree and selecting Find in Folder. It will open a search panel and automatically populate a correct filter.

Arek - Studio team