"It is not possible to create an Mbed program inside an Mbed program"

I understand the warning, but I don’t see where you can close an existing program in the IDE.

To date, I’ve been closing Mbed Studo, moving the program location, and then opening the IDE so that it cannot find it. Is there a button for closing an existing program that I’m not seeing?



you probably set or made (by moving the files) wrong Workspace because it looks like you have a Program folder as the Workspace. So you need to change the Workspace (should it be a parent folder where your Mbed programs are stored) via File-> Open Workspace...

Creating or importing a program - Creating or importing a program | Mbed Studio Documentation

BR, Jan

Hi Mark,

I had the same issue. I resolved it by uninstalling Mbed Studio, then reinstalling again. The problem went away.