How to disable/enable some part of mbed at compile time


BBC Microbit, mbed-cli on linux installed and functional (mbed 2).

I’m facing 2 problems :

  • I need to get ride of pwmout : multiple definition of `TIMER2_IRQHandler’
  • I want float enabled printf

I seems that this can be handled with mbed_app.json in the project directory, but can’t find any clear doc on how to do it.
Thanks for the help.

  • Ignore files
    Looking here for .mbedignore.

  • Enable float point prinft()
    By adding -u _printf_float to linker setting here.


As i understand, .mbedignore must be placed in the path leading to the ignored files ie, for pwmout.h, somewhere below the mbed/ directory.

I have some concerns modifying the mbed hierarchy : I expected a local solution (ie some files in the app directory) leaving the external mbed structure untouched.

Anyway, if it’s the regular way to alter the build process, i will use it.

Thanks for your rapid response.

.mbedignore is usually placed at the root directory, and you can describe the ignoring path and files like mbed-os/drivers/pwmout.h