How to get and set txpower for Thread Mesh Networks?

Does Mbed OS 5.15 provide an API to access the Tx power?

On a Silicon Labs MGM12P board, for the same conditions, i.e. distance, antenna, etc., I am observing a far lower signal strength by default when running Mbed OS 5.15 firmware (-46dBm) as compared to Silicon Labs firmware (-18dBm).

The chip has a maximum of 17dBm output. Silicon Labs firmware defaults to 17dBm but MbedOS firmware seems to be defaulting to 0dBm, hence the difference. Is there an API call to read/write the tx power setting?

I’m still struggling to find resources to be able to do this. Any help would be highly appreciated.

The closest I have got is finding this function int8_t arm_nwk_set_tx_output_power(int8_t interface_id, uint8_t tx_power) in mbed-os > features > nanostack > sal-stack-nanostack > source > libNET > src > ns_net.c, but can’t seem to figure out how to get a int8_t interface_id corresponding to the Thread Mesh network.

Hi, I’m sorry I can’t help you, but I found some relevant information. You can go to the website I gave, which may help you solve some problems.

I have one more weird observation to report.

While testing RSSI values for MGM12P32F1024GA (chip antenna) modules and MGM12P32F1024GE (external antenna) modules, I noticed a major change in the power.

Chip antenna versions (GA) seem to transmit at higher signal strengths ~17 dB higher as compared to external antenna versions (GE). When using the OEM firmware (from Silicon Labs), the signal strength transmitted by both modules is the same. I have tested on 5+ units of each.

This leads me to believe the drivers for Silicon Labs devices for Mbed OS is not working well.

Can someone from Silicon Labs please help with this situation?