NRF52840-Dongle - Mesh Networking


I desperately search for a solution to use my NRF52840 (PCA10059) in a mesh network.
My hope was that Mbed-OS meanwhile supports OpenThread, but i would welcome any network technology that allows me to do mesh networking together with a border router.

Is any of those supported on my target?

  • BLE (Mesh)
  • WiSun
  • Zigbee Mesh
  • OpenThread/Thread

It seems that mbed-OS pretty well supports BLE, not my first choice but if it allows me to run a mesh network, i will use BLE Mesh. Unfortunatelly i dont know how to configure mbed-OS (6.x) to use BLE with my target.

Is there someone with a lot of experience with those network stacks and could show me how to configure them for other targets?