How to get area address and size from kvstore static global API?

I am porting pre-existing NVStore() to KVStore() via the KVStore static global API from Static Global API - APIs | Mbed OS 5 Documentation.

What is happening now -

(1) I have 1MByte internal flash with the NVStore data previously configured

// 0xfe000 0x01000    Config area page 1
// 0xff000 0x01000    Config area page 2

(2) I set up KVStore and with TDB_INTERNAL lin mbed_app.json as this:

            "target.features_add":         ["STORAGE"],
            "target.components_add":       ["SPIF", "FLASHIAP"],
            "storage.storage_type":        "TDB_INTERNAL",
            "storage_tdb_internal.internal_base_address": "0xfe000", 
            "storage_tdb_internal.internal_size":       "4096"

I wonder whether there are replacement API calls for NVStore::get_area_params() to find out the current area’s address and size for verification?

I am using the Nordic nRF52840 platform with PlatformIO 6.