NVStore API is deprecated, please use KVStore


Since mbed-os-5.15, when using NVStore, you have a warning: this API is obsolete. Please use KVStore instead.
Well, I try to use the KVStore example which is actually the same example as the global KVStore API.

I successfully use LPC1768, K64F and L432KC cards with NVStore but none with KVStore.

I have simplified the example as much as possible with just :

printf("kv_reset -> %d\n", err_code(kv_reset("/kv/")));

The error code depends on the cards, but nobody can reset KVStore.
Error code LPC1768 = 265 => NOT_SUPPORTED
Error code K64F = 271 => FAILED_OPERATION
Error code L432KC = 265 => NOT_SUPPORTED

Can someone help me with the KVStore? Has anyone managed to use KVStore?

Thank you for reading me,

You defined “storage.storage_type”: “TDB_INTERNAL” in mbed_app.json in the target_overrides section?