How to integrate maxim wellness library on NRF52840

Hi all,
I have started working on the MAXIM sensor hub(MAX32664)to measure spo2 and heart rate on nrf52840 controller with freertos. I was able to read and parse the FIFO to get the above mentioned health parameters.
Now moving forward,i want to measure the the other health parameters(HRV,stress and respiration rate) which is calculated by wellness library provide by maxim.I was trying to integrate this static library(libMxmWellnessSuite.a for amreabi architecture)found in SFW0011650I found on maxim website.when i integrated this library and compiled the code i was getting following error regarding the architecture mismatch.Has anybody idea about how to resolve this error?am i using the correct .a file?Has anyone integrated this library for nrf 52 before?any link for integration process?
Any help will be appreciated.Thanks!

Error logs------->

I would suggest you post this on Support -

We raised the ticket with nordic and following is the response from them.
Can we get the wellness library build for cortex m4 architecture?

What does Analog say about these issues with their product: