How to sample incoming WAV file on mbed in real-time?

I am trying to have the mbed sample a WAV file from a keyboard in real-time. The keyboard is connected to a USB A breakout board that is then connected to the mbed. How do I have the mbed able to process the WAV file as it comes in?

There’s a few more clarifications needed from your requirements…

  • Primarily, which mbed hardware are you intending to use?
  • ‘Sampling’ implies you want to send audio (analogue?) to your mbed board and have it digitised?
  • OTOH USB connection implies a data transfer - is this how the WAV file is getting into the mbed board? Is the ‘breakout board’ a USB-to-serial device separate from the mbed board? What serial protocol - MIDI?
  • What ‘processing’ is intended?
  • How will the ‘processed’ data be output: analogue? serial?